Prevent Bullying at Camp DVD Presentation

Prevent Bullying at Camp DVD Presentation


For only $37 (plus $3 shipping) you will receive a 75-minute DVD filled with expert advice and guidelines. Jill’s great analogies and stories make her training sessions both entertaining and educational.

Product Description

Your camp staff will learn new skills on how to:

  • Use positive interactions.
  • Stimulate a safe and happy camp atmosphere.
  • Prevent bully behaviors.
  • Implement methods that build each campers’ sense of self worth and belonging.
  • Help campers overcome fears and challenges.

The DVD covers:

  • Theories of why bullying takes place.
  • Strategies to use positive discipline.
  • Tools to enhance each campers self esteem.
  • Ideas on how to enhance each camper’s empathy.
  • Tactics to teach both camp counselors and campers about personal responsibility.
  • Detailed presentation slides on specific bully proofing tips.
  • Jill’s personal dictation of each slide plus several bonus scenarios and stories.


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